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Page Cannot Be Displayed Error
Sample Error
Page Cannot Be Displayed or Internal Server Error
Solution or Workaround
A Page Cannot Be Displayed error message is very generic, and could mean many things.  To get more information about the error, you'll need to change the settings on your web browser.  

To see more detail on the error do the following:  In Internet Explorer, click on Tools/Internet Options/Advanced. Under "Browsing", Uncheck the box "Show friendly HTTP error messages".  

Now, for future troubleshooting you will see the full error message, including an specific issues that will help you in determining the problem.  

**The most common setup error is related to file permission errors, or incorrect connection strings in the setup.asp file.  By default, many of your directories are read only.  You'll need to adjust the file permissions to correct this.
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Article Applies to: ASP (classic Active Server Pages)
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