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Internet Explorer Warning - You are about to view/leave a secure connection.
Sample Error
You are about to view pages over a secure connection.
- OR -
You are about to leave a secure Internet connection. It will be possible for others to view information you send
Solution or Workaround
This message is a common informational message in Internet Explorer (IE), and can usually be disregarded or disabled.  

The first time you use IE, or if you just installed an update or reset the browser to it's defaults, you may see this message while browsing websites that use both Secure and Non-Secure pages.  When you enable the SSL in PDshop, your users will be moved between both non-secure and secure pages as needed. If you receive the above IE message, don't be alarmed, it is not a PDshop ASP/VBscript error, nor does it mean your SSL Certificate is installed incorrectly.  The message simply means your browser is switching between non-secure and secure pages, which is a common occurrence within ecommerce sites.  This message can usually be disregarded or simply disabled.  

To manually change that setting in IE, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced and uncheck the box next to "Warn if changing between secure and non secure mode".  Or, the first time the message appears check the box "In the Future, do not show this warning".

If you continue to see this warning after changing these settings, your browser may need to be updated, see this article on Microsoft's site:
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