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How does it work?
It is relatively easy, and fast to get rates!
1. Copy a file into the "bin" directory on your server or project
All you do is upload this small bin/dll file to your server, or copy it into your Asp.Net project.
2. Import the "PDshippingCom" Namespace
In order to use any of these functions in your own project or .aspx, .vb, .cs file, you simply reference the Namespace.  Below are examples.
C# Codebehind Example:
using PDShippingCom;

VB.NET Codebehind Example :
Imports PDShippingCom
Importing directly into a .aspx page:
<%@ Import Namespace="PDShippingCom" %>
3.  Call the getShippingServices Function
Copy and Paste code like this into your .vb, .cs or .aspx file.  The function returns a Datatable so you can display the rates in a nice repeator or datalist.

Vb.Net Example:
Dim pd As New PDShippingCom.PDFunctions
yourrepeater.DataSource = pd.getShippingServices()

C# Example:
PDShippingCom.PDFunctions pd = new PDShippingCom.PDFunctions();
yourrepeater.DataSource = pd.getShippingServices();
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