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IT Services
PageDown now offers IT (Information Technology) services that are affordable for small and mid-sized businesses. We can handle a wide variety of tasks on a non-contractual basis. Meaning you only pay for a service at the time you need it.

we install web and cloud servers, and troubleshoot website server errors

We can remotely Setup & Configure...
  • Website hosting
    For example we can setup new hosting for you, move you to a different host, resolve issues you are having with your current host and more.
  • Dedicated or Cloud servers
    Your business has grown and the hosting you have is no longer adequate, we can migrate you to a more powerful dedicated or cloud server.
  • Firewalls
    We can check/configure your firewall to ensure your server is safe!
We can remotely Troubleshoot & Fix...
  • Website Errors
    We specialize in troubleshooting and fixing Asp.Net,, C#, Html, and Javascript errors.
  • Server Errors
    Your web host or server admin might not have the expertise, we can step in and track down and solve issues you are having.
  • Repair Damaged/Compromised sites
    For example, your website or server was compromised by hackers.
  • PCI compliance issues
    For example, you failed a PCI compliance scan, we can fix whatever needs to be fixed!
PDshopTM Services
If you use our ecommerce platform PDshop, we offer services to help you improve your business.
  • Installation Service
    If you are new to managing your own website, and purchased PDshop, we can get you started by installing the app to your hosting account or server for you. Learn More
  • Customization Services
    PageDown can modify any aspect of PDshop (or older versions such as PDshopPro) to suit your needs (we can change graphics, layout, add additional options or create new features).  Our programmers can make changes to the scripts or database, making this the perfect online store system for your business! 
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Asp.Net, VB.Net, C# Development & Support
ASP Programming ASP.NET Programming MSAccess Web Development MSSQL Database
PageDown Technology develops and supports custom Asp.Net (VB.Net & C#) applications for business.  Our network of developers specialize in the Microsoft .Net platform and migrations from the older Classic ASP (VBscript). We can create a custom web applications to meet the unique requirements of today's businesses. 
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